Inspire students, teachers and parents with a BRAND NEW exciting and dynamic online learning programme bringing the Urban Strides passion and positivity direct to your home. Helping your entire school community stay physically active, resilient, mentally healthy and emotionally uplifted.

Your students & teachers will enjoy:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fear
  • Positive impact on mood
  • Improved self esteem
  • Embedding positive habits and routine at home
  • Learning a new skill with street credibility
  • Opportunity to connect with all their friends from school
  • Live interaction with an Urban Strides instructor

“The most impactful part of Andy's message is his unique use of language and movement reframing techniques alongside the inspirational stories of how these techniques have changed real students’ lives. His work is the physical embodiment of much of my research and reminds teachers of the importance between physiology and language to enhance the mood and a positive mind set in students so they’re better prepared to take on life’s challenges.

Andy brings a huge amount of joy into the room and is a great example to Head teachers everywhere that authenticity and passion in the class room engenders a deeper more real connection with students. Andy’s work on resilience is important for everyone to hear in all walks of life not just schools. I would highly recommend Andy’s work if you want a high impact, fun and energising training where you experience an excellent example of how to get students and teachers into their peak state for learning and how language and movement can have a significant effect on raising the level of people’s resilience”

Dr Kathy Weston - Resilience Academic

Resilient Movers is an all encompassing online training program that includes Street Dance and techniques for improving resilience and positive mental health. Your school community will have access to twice weekly live interaction with their very own Urban Strides instructors and tutorials from our Creative Director Andy Instone to support parents through this challenging time, and assist them in home schooling their child(ren).

Discover how Resilient Movers will work in your school community...

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Who is Resilient Movers for?

  • Keystage 2,3,4 and parents! ;)
  • Schools that have a focus on improving mental health
  • Schools that would like to offer a higher level of interaction with their students
  • Head teachers that want to support families at home and reduce the strain of home education
  • Schools that want to ensure students have more opportunities to stay physically fit at home

What our students say about our online training:


These are unprecedented times and in times of crisis we need to help each other and stick together, we want as many families to stay active and mentally healthy as possible which is why we’re proud to offer Resilient Movers 'at cost'.

After talking to several headteachers we also know that any kind of budget spending at this time can be difficult and we want to offer this to as many families as possible so they can have something positive and interactive to do whilst learning a new skill from home which is why we have two simple options that give you and your school as much flexibility as possible.

Option 1 - Suggested donation of £1 per week for each household (access to the entire family so additional siblings are in effect free).

Option 2 - School fully funds or part-funds each household.

We’ll also make sure students and families on Pupil Premium can access the programme for free. Schools that are open and teaching key workers can also use one device to teach many, further reducing the cost. The minimum number for the programme is 100 paid devices or households, smaller schools can join together to make up the 100 if required. 

What our parents have to say...

What headteachers are saying about our Resilience work...

“We were slightly apprehensive to start due to the fact previous training hadn’t been so beneficial. However Resilience Reaps Rewards has had an immediate positive impact on our students, teachers and parents. At our school we have a lot of privileged children; therefore having the attitude of gratitude scheme is changing them for the better. The students are absolutely loving the “challenge accepted” and “we’ve got this” sayings! Making our students realise they will only grow if they take a positive approach to challenges. The parents have had some heart warming and emotional responses to their children’s personal growth and are so grateful for the positive change. The teachers have even been taking Andy’s teachings home with them as they feel it will make a positive change in their personal lives too. Thank you so much for helping us all, truly life changing!”

Simon Philby - Headteacher @ Cockernhoe Primary School

Discover how Resilient Movers will work in your school...

To find out programme details, schedules of work, times and availability please enter your details to find out more

We look forward to helping your school community enjoy our positive and passionate Urban Strides vibe!  :)