We're ready for YOU!

We have worked with all the schools we are partnered with to ensure everyone’s safety and compliance with COVID-19 requirements.

We have put in place our own risk assessment and each school venue has a risk assessment for lettings.  All venues will be adhering to stringent cleaning and hygiene standards and Urban Strides will be using additional measures.

Where we need to, we will cap the numbers in a class to ensure everyone’s safety.


PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS if you or your family have any symptoms of COVID-19 or you need to quarantine following recent travel!

What we all need to do to keep the Urban Strides family safe:

  • Please be aware of current guidance and requirements regarding your and your family’s health and recent travel.
  • Please DO NOT arrive for class too early.  We need to manage students in and out of the class room and you will not be able to enter the venue until the previous class has vacated the room.
  • Only students booked for the class will be permitted into the venue.  Parents will need to drop and go and wait in their cars at class finish time.
  • FOR JUNIOR CLASSES - the Class Instructor or Class Assistant will meet students at the main door to the venue and similarly, after class, children will be taken to the main door.  Parents should wait at the main door wearing a face covering and socially distanced from other waiting parents.
  • All students should come dressed ready for class and bring their own drink.  Where previously available, we will not have access to changing facilities or water fountains.
  • Access to any other space at the class venue is not permitted.  Students need to go straight to and from class.
  • All students over the age of 11 years must wear a face mask to and from class (unless medically exempt).  Masks are not required to be worn during the class, but students may wear them if that is their personal choice.
  • Doors and windows will be open to allow ventilation and at the start and end of class, any doors that need to be opened will be done so by the Class Assistant ONLY to minimise lots of people touching door handles.
  • Markers will be placed on the floor to help students maintain the appropriate distance during class.
  • Class Instructors will be 2m from the front of the class.
  • Class Instructors will ensure choreography is designed to ensure there is no personal contact and to maintain social distancing.  Floor work will be avoided.
  • There will be no touching, hugging or High-fiving – we have all found loads of ways to greet each other, so let’s see what you’ve got!
  • The class room must be vacated promptly at the class finish time to allow for students to leave safely and for the space to be sanitised appropriately before the next class. 


Each school site is different in terms of the location, access and size of the class space we use.  The above is general guidance, but there may be additional requirements at your particular class venue.  Please pay close attention to any instructions you receive at your class.  For JUNIOR CLASSES, the Urban Strides office will communicate any additional information to parents by email.